Example Activities: Bible Study, Scripture Reading, Service Projects, Fellowship
Meeting Info: Members meet weekly,
after the contemporary worship service 11:30AM
Meeting Location: Room 16
 Steven Dunn and Scott McPhail

The only requirement of this group is to be open-minded, non-judgmental, and willing to participate in active discussions.  You do not need to be a biblical scholar or even know passages by heart. All ideas and beliefs are welcome even if they don’t fit the traditional Christian mold. 

Each week someone will sign-up to lead the group with a selected bible verse. Something that is relevant or important to your experience that week. (Google how you’re feeling and relate it to a bible verse i.e., Feeling anxious bible verses – Matthew 6:27, Isaiah 35:4) Email/text the members of the group so they are aware of what the verse is for that week. If you have a mobile phone download Bible Gateway to find different versions of the verse. The reader will decide which one to start with and will read it aloud. 

Then it will be discussed amongst the group: 

1) What stood out to you?  

Then it will be read in a different translation (The Message, The Voice, NIV, etc.) and it will be discussed amongst the group: 

2) How does it relate to what is going on in your life currently? 

Then it will be read a final time in a different translation, and it will be discussed amongst the group: 

3) What do you leave with after this discussion? 

A prayer will be given to open the meeting and close the meeting, usually done by the leader of the group that week, but no pressure if praying is uncomfortable for you. We encourage people to be open, honest, vulnerable, and willing to discuss, push back (hence the No Judgement), and share their own experiences. This will bring people together, invite honest and healthy conversations, and hopefully deepen our relationship with God and each other. The only rule is to be respectful and open to new ideas. 

This small group is a place where you can be yourself, talk freely and be supported. Each week will be a different verse and a different reader. Once a quarter we will connect with other small groups and share a meal or do a community-based activity together. ALL are welcome.