We believe that authentic community happens in circles, not rows.
Explore each one.
MyBEHTEL groups are unique and offer specificity in their reasons for convening.

Consider reaching out to a group leader and make a connection today. A new friend is waiting to meet you. If nothing peaks your interest, check back here often as we are always adding new groups or replacing old groups with something different.

What you need to know.

The basics of small groups.

MyBETHEL Groups are small groups (10-15 people) that meet regularly outside of the Sunday worship hour. Meetings happen over Zoom, in homes, at the church, or wherever the group decides. It's easier to make connections when people gather in smaller circles. Groups provide a safe space to connect, study, learn, pray, and grow in faith and in community with one another.

Groups are usually started by bring people together through commonalities, but its the commitment to being a diverse body of Christ that makes small groups so important. Here we can welcome, study, serve, pray, share, act justly, and love in ways that break down barriers and build up connections to form long-lasting friendships.

Regardless of your faith history, cultural background or stage of life, getting connected to a small group is easy. Find a group that intersts you from the list below and click the view more link. Each group has a leader listed with contact information. Contact the group leader or the church and tell us which group you are interested in joining.